Personal Insurance

From the roof over your head and the cars in your driveway, to the future of your family and the health of your pets. Personal insurance lines from Associated Insurance Agency will help you protect everything you’ve worked for, and more importantly, everyone you love.

From car accidents to hailstorms, life throws us surprises at every turn. Some of those surprises can cost you a substantial amount of money. With the right mix of personal insurance coverages, you can curb the risks of daily life and ensure stability for you and your family through even the worst of life’s mishaps.



Protect your home and everyone inside from life’s hazards. A homeowners insurance policy will protect you, your belongings and your loved ones in situations like fires, robbery, and natural disasters.

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Protect your apartment and everything inside from all of life’s hazards. A renters insurance policy from AIA will keep your belongings protected in situations like fires, robbery, and natural disasters.

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Umbrella insurance and excess liability insurance in CT sold by AIA


Not every issue in life is minor, and for those problems, you should think about an umbrella policy. With an Umbrella policy from AIA, you’ll get the extra protection you need to keep your life stable.

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From minor fender benders and parking lot bumps, to full on total loss collisions, accidents happen. A good policy will get you up on your feet and back to life in no time.

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Recreational Vehicle Insurance in CT for your Motorcycle


Have an RV? Motorcycle? Boat? All of the above? Bundle your recreational insurance policies with your auto an home to pile up those savings.

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Pet Insurance Cute Puppy


Your pets are apart of the family, and they’re veterinary medical bills can reach levels seen in human hospitals. Pet insurance can save your pet’s life without breaking the bank.

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